Cachepot h. 95 - cod. CPCACHEP06

Size: width 40 cm, height 95 cm, depth 40 cm

Teak and Politech vase

Cachepot is a splendid fusion of materials. The warm wood colour blends with the algid and fascinating politech, thus creating a masterful dualism. Both extremely resistant, they are the perfect union of refinement and functionality. They remain unaltered in every weather condition even maintaining an exclusive elegance thanks to the chic shades of the wood and the dynamic decoration of the Politech.

Cachepot reaches its highest splendour when housing a plant with elongated leaves of colourful flowers with the petals curved downwards. But it can be an ornamental accessory as well, thus decorating the outdoor furnishing that needs an extra touch of refinement.

Lastly, Cachepot is the ideal accessory for classic outdoor design furnishing that contemplates modern style as well.

The geometric inspiration and the contemporary taste are the features of Cachepot: oblique and straight lines create an essential but charming silhouette, perfect for any luxury dehor.

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