Diomede - cod. TVDIOMED02

Size: diameter 130 cm, height 75 cm

Rounded Politech table

Diomede is a fusion of light and shadow that stands out in your outdoor design furnishing. It is a sort of play of chiaroscuro in which the materials are the main protagonists: the crystal glass and the politech. The crystal glass provides brilliance, if you choose it for the table top. It reflects the wonders of the outdoor: the sky studded with clouds or the emerald foliage of the trees. At the same time, the politech express a bright but veiled elegance. This material presents a refined interlaced decoration that creates an elegant white pattern as the politech were embroidered on the shapes of Diomede.

This Smania table matches with the outdoor furnishing for terraces, gardens and swimming pools that blends classic and modern style. In addition, Diomede can be realized with a crystal glass or a politech table top.

This outdoor table stands out for its durability. The politech is a very resistant material that, combined with high quality crystal glass, keeps Diomede unaltered and elegant over time.

Diomede can be customised according to your taste and the style of your home.





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