Diomede - cod. TVDIOMED01

Size: width 70 cm, height 72 cm, depth 70 cm

Size: diameter 70 cm, height 72 cm

Politech high table.

Diomede expresses an aristocratic elegance. It does not matter whether the table top is rounded or squared, it always has a chic allure typical of nobility. All this comes from the design: the shape of the single central leg resembles the silhouette of a lady. The interlaced decoration of the politech further enhances the design thanks to its fine pattern that seems to be sewed. For such reason, Diomede is perfect for the outdoor furnishing that expresses both classic and modern style.

Thanks to the politech, it is very resistant and withstands bad weather. The splendour of this piece is destined to last over time.

Lastly, this outdoor Smania table is customisable: the table top can be round or square-shaped and made up of a different material, politech or white tempered crystal glass. All this adds a further play of reflections to your outdoor design furnishing.

Diomede stands out for the quality of the materials it is made up of. The politech and, eventually the crystal glass of the table top, are carefully selected by experienced hands and eyes.

Diomede can be customised according to your taste and the style of your home.





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