Varen - cod. TPVAREN01 - TPVAREN02 - TPVAREN03

Size: width 300 cm, depth 200 cm

Size: width 300 cm, depth 300 cm

Size: width 400 cm, depth 300 cm

New Zealand wool rug.

Varen is the distinguishing rug of Smania and stands out for its warmth and softness. The external edge fold represents the brand and creates a delicate, exclusive and elegant geometrical decoration. The play of colours originated by the two nuances gives this rug a peaceful personality.

Precisely thanks to the expressive balance, it is perfect for classic elegant living rooms that also express modern style.

Varen is part of Smania luxury accessories that match with your unique style. In fact, thanks to the customisation, the wood is available in six different nuances. Choose the one that better combines with the furnishing of your living room and create a unique balance of shades.


The distinctive feature of Varen is its quality. The New Zealand wood ensures enchanting warmth, perfect to rest your feet in the coldest nights.

Varen can be customised according to your taste and the style of your home.




Mint green




Misty rose


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