Maratea - cod. PLMARATE01

Size: width 109 cm, height 100 cm, depth 109 cm

Politech armchair with seat, back and armrest cushions with removable cover, polished aluminium details and 1 pillow with edge sewing (60×50 cm)

Maratea is soft, large and elegant, in other words it presents all the characteristics of a luxury outdoor armchair. But it is not enough. It is resistant and functional, perfect for your outdoor design furniture. The soft paddings surround the seat as a hug while the pillow providedenhances the well being sensation: the result is an extraordinary comfort.

The politech structure presents a classy and refined pattern that conceals a great feature: this material resists to bad weather, and it is perfect for outdoor furnishing. Instead, the aluminium adds a touch of brightness: its reflecting surface catches every outdoor reflection.

Maratea is the ideal spouse of classic furnishing that expresses modern style as well. In addition, thanks to the customisation, it perfectly matches with your exclusive dehor. You can choose among four types of fabric and sixteen different colours, thus creating a Maratea that reflects your personal style.

Among the distinctive features of Maratea the durability is worthy of your attention. It is made up of high quality materials chosen to maintain unaltered the characteristics of this armchair over time.

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