Cachepot h. 95 - cod. CPCACHEP03

Size: width 40 cm, height 95 cm, depth 40 cm

Politech vase

The resistant politech decoration is the refined detail that characterises Cachepot. This outdoor vase with a contemporary design provides delicate elegance to any luxury dehor. Thanks to this durable material, it remains unaltered over time, always shining of its intense white in spite of the worst weather conditions.

Its decorative power is bright: the ethereal beauty of white is the ideal element for every plant or flower housed in it. Chachepot is conceived as a vase for outdoor designfurnishing, but it is a perfect accessory as well. In fact, its sophisticated shapes recall geometrical forms with refined silhouettes.

Lastly, it is the ideal accessory to combine with outdoor swimming poll furnishing, terraces and gardens with classic pieces of furniture that also contemplate modern style.


Cachepot stands out for the moved lines and the sculptural features: the outdoor vase you choose for its futuristic and dynamic design.

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