Cachepot h. 160 - cod. CPCACHEP04

Size: width 40 cm, height 120 cm, depth 40 cm

Teak and Politech vase

This outdoor vase is made up of two materials. The teak and the politech could not be more different: the first, natural and full of shades, warms the environment. The second, created by the hands of man, is the result of a delicate white interlaceddecoration that shines under the light of the sun. However, the gaps between them are filled with some common features: both are elegant and extremely resistant.  For such reason, when blended together they enhance the outdoor design furnishing providing even more refinement.

Also the aesthetics plays its part: Cachepot has a geometric elegance. Thanks to octagonal suggestions, straight lines and chic edges, this vase is the ideal accessory for classic and modern outdoors with outdoor pieces of furniture for terraces and gardens that stand out for their power to combine both styles.

The main feature of Cachepot is its durability. In fact, both the wood and the Politech are very resistant materials that remain unaltered even in the worst weather conditions.

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