Cachepot h. 160 - cod. CPCACHEP01

Size: width 40 cm, height 120 cm, depth 40 cm

Politech vase

Cachepot is refinement that expresses through the light also in the darker corners of the outdoor. The strong and seductive white color of this outdoor vase is pure splendor, perfect to decorate any luxury dehor, particularly the outdoor furniture for gardens that need a touch of delicate light.

The characteristic interlaced decoration of the politech covers the entire surface of the vase, following the geometric contemporary shapes and the sinuous oblique lines that confers a dynamic design. Consequently, this outdoor accessory becomes both a decorative object and a vase to be filled with green and colorful petals.

Lastly, Cachepot perfectly matches with modern outdoor furniture that also contemplates classic style.

This Smania vase distinguishes for its durability. The politech is a very resistant material that remains unaltered over time, also under the worst weather.

Cachepot h. 160 can be customised according to your taste and the style of your home.





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