Cachepot h. 120 - cod. CPCACHEP05

Size: width 40 cm, height 120 cm, depth 40 cm

Teak and Politech vase

Cachepot distinguishes for the contrast of materials. The warm nuance of teak perfectly matches with the intense white of the politech. It is not a contrast but an innate dualism: the materials complement each other, and if we would separate them we could not obtain the same ornamental power they have together.

The shades of wood and the politechinterlaced decoration give a personality to outdoor furnishings: Cachepot is the accessory that completes the chromatic play of brown and white even standing out in the outdoor. Its geometries express a contemporary dimension through broken lines and hexagonal shapes.

This outdoor vase perfectly matches with outdoor design pieces of furniture that contemplate both modern and classic style. It is a decorative object and a housing for plants and flowers as well.

Chachepot stands out for its durability. In fact, the teak and the politech are very resistant materials that remain unaltered in every weather condition.

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