Total look by Smania: luxury furniture to bring an exquisitely elegant feel to your space


When you furnish any space, you choose furniture and accessories that suit your taste and match the many facets of your character. The room that takes shape will be a reflection of you, showcasing a truly unique style. And the next logical step in this process is to create a total look, where every single detail complements the next in terms of materials, colours and shape.
You can now put together a complete luxury interior design project thanks to Smania’s exclusive total look collection. Regardless of the room, every piece of furniture you select can be paired with a range of others which have been designed to complement their special detailing. And of course, it’s all done with Smania’s sophisticated hand.

You can give your living room a complete Smania makeover by combining Derby leather sofas with pieces from the Lock collection, which are finished in the same material. Moreover, the steel detailing in the collection works wonderfully with Smania’s many side tables featuring metal decorations. Console tables and other furniture can be used to show off a special decorative piece like Tory or the round Bowl, which in turn evokes the curved lines of the Lock collection. It’s an approach that will ensure that all of the furniture in your luxury living room will work in perfect harmony.

You can apply the Smania total-look approach in your bedroom too. The delicate Diamond bedlinen set – which is sure to guarantee a relaxing sleep – is a fantastic match for any of the beds we offer, such as Harrison: an inviting mix of the classic and the modern, with a padded headboard and bed base covered with soft leather. And to complete the design of your luxury Smania bedroom, you can throw elegant rugs, sleek lamps or even a warm blanket like Galles into the mix – perfect for the coldest nights.

Every room in the house can be fully furnished with stylish Smania products but tailored to fit your mood: from the dining room, with matching tableware and candle holders ideal for high tables, right through to outdoor areas, where sofas and tables are finished to perfection with throws, vases and lamps by Smania.

Even luxury offices can get the Smania total-look makeover. Choose from desk accessories such as Gramercy, which is compatible with every piece of furniture we produce, leather goods like Cartella and our series of bags and suitcases perfect for the office.

By combining our furniture and accessories, you are able to create a sophisticated, one-off Smania look for all your spaces. Each detail flows seamlessly into the next, in a symphony of colour, material and shape that engages sight, touch and smell all at once.

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