#italianexcellence: the world view


The hashtags #italianexcellence, #madeinItaly, #italiantaste and many more can be found in many of the conversations had online about Italian-made products and their distinguishing features. By analysing these conversations, we can gain an understanding of how Italian excellence is perceived abroad and what kind of qualities are associated with it.

The first stat thrown up by Blogmeter’s “Italian Excellence – a study into Made in Italy abroad” investigation is that the most popular social network for discussing this topic is Instagram. Of the four million conversations analysed, three million took place on this particular social network, resulting in a total of 97 million interactions.
The conversations analysed showed that Italian excellence around the world is associated with sentiment and emotion, because terms such as “passion”, “wow” and “beauty” often appear in discussions on the matter. Italian goods are synonymous with beauty, tradition, elegance and quality, yet – according to foreigners – they do fall short in some quarters, including proximity to the client, value for money, technological content and desirability.

Italian excellence around the world is perceived as a combination of savoir faire, passion and origins stretching back many years. The skill of Italian producers results in quality products whose aesthetics are closely looked after.
If this is indeed the perception of Italian products around the world, Smania’s collections of furniture and accessories are the mirror image of this vision. At the heart of every product is a sense of daring beauty which transcends all boundaries. Perfection is always our objective, one we pursue by selecting and working with the finest materials with care and ensuring meticulous attention to detail.
Italy’s unrivalled artisanal traditions are an integral part of the Smania brand. Our expertise, honed over many years, are underpinned by the pleasure we gain from creating. We are intensely passionate about our craft, a passion that shines through in the masterful way in which we work with wood and all other materials. It is this process that leads to the creation of Smania furniture, an expression of elegance and sophisticated detailing.

We are proud that the unparalleled excellence of Italian savoir faire represents an innate part of the Smania soul. Smania is synonymous with #italianexcellence – it was before Instagram, and it will continue to be in future conversations, both online and offline.

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italian excellence
#italianexcellence: the world view



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