Channel the Smania style to create an elegant, luxury office


Your office is the first thing people see when they visit your business and then it’s vital that we’re looking our stylish best. Perfect for anyone wishing to bring personality into their workspace while ensuring it remains practical, Smania can create a unique environment thanks to its office furniture range. Every perfectly proportioned piece is studied in meticulous detail before being made using the finest materials and – most importantly – plenty of passion and love. For Smania, that’s what luxury is all about.



Smania believes that a luxury office space should be airy, relaxing and welcoming, with custom-made pieces in both classic and modern styles all around. There’s no doubt that desks play a vital role, representing as they do the centre of each individual workspace. Given their importance, desks must be perfect in every way. Metropolis and Lock are perfect examples of this. The former’s solid design and warm tones contrast with the latter’s fluid shaping and cooler colours, yet both share a soft leather covering and structure made from the finest wood. One of the stand-out features is the stunning designs created through the quartering, which showcases the mastery of Smania’s expert woodworkers.



As we’ve already said, we believe luxury offices should be a combination of elegance, practicality and comfort – especially for the people that actually have to work there. Ticking all of these boxes is the adjustable Gramercy Low office chair, whose ergonomic design and soft, padded seat make it a triumph of comfort and finesse. Another fundamental element for any luxurious workspace is the bookcase, which again needs to serve a purpose in terms of both practicality and aesthetics. In this case, the Lowell 145 bookcase has all the answers. With four shelves and closed compartment with lift-up door made from matte rosewood or matte tobacco, Lowell 145 provides the perfect setting for your best books and decorative objects.



On a conceptual level, luxury offices are no longer linked to the stereotypes of formality, static decision and standardisation. Comfort and practicality are growing in importance as we look to make our workspaces more unique and welcoming. Smania makes this possible through its unparalleled attention to detail and the option it offers clients to customise its range of office furniture according to their own taste.


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