Smania and Foss Marai: two top “made in Italy” brands synergistically togheter

The good collaboration between two top Venetian brands such as […]

Made in Italy Quality: the craftsmanship of Smania’s luxury furniture

Italy is known worldwide for the quality of its design, […]

Smania proposes an excellent and refined office collection designed by Rune Ricciardelli

Once again Smania becomes the interpreter of the office environment […]

Office Collection Smania

Luxury yacht furnishings for exclusive navigation

You write “yacht”, but you read “home”. In recent times, […]

The poetic beauty of marble for Smania luxury furniture

It is the boundless and visceral passion for beauty and […]

The desk: a luxury classic furniture icon

Smania is celebrating Father’s Day with a product that boasts […]

Gramercy - set scrittoio arredamenti classici di lusso

Furnishing a house in the mountains with the Smania total look

A mountain holiday home is a means of escape from […]

Furnishing a house in the mountains

Designer mirrors among the ideas for Valentine’s Day

An original, romantic gift designed for a special occasion: Valentine’s […]

Smania modern and classic design mirrors


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